Tailormade Travel

Tailormade Travel

A trip to East Africa should be your trip of a lifetime. It has to be exactly what you want it to be from the very moment you arrive. At Park East Africa we listen to you and ask questions until we know exactly what experiences are on top of your list and how we can make these happen. We like to think out of the box. So our suggestions usually go beyond bumping along a dirt road to the next lion kill (although this is of course not totally unpopular with ourselves and we recommend it for a couple of days should this be your first trip to Africa). But if you fancy we can fly you anywhere in East Africa in a private or shared charter, bike with you to age old rock paintings, organize lunch or dinner in the bush, let you unwind on a private island, introduce you to Masai healing wisdom or sail with you on a luxury catamaran to Pemba island. Your call. For more information about how we can redefine your idea of Africa kindly send us an email

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