Adventures for many are the spice of life. They make us pushing our self-set limits and redefine what we are capable of. This becomes very true literally every day when people who have serious doubts about their physical and psychological capabilities make it to the top of Kilimanjaro. For us that is the greatest reward, a feeling money cannot buy. East Africa holds more challenges for those who want to relax actively than one can tackle in a life time. You can climb not only Kilimanjaro, but also the very steep and active volcano Oldonyo Lengai, Mt Kenya or Mt Meru. You may cycle through the rift valley meeting wildlife and people of the hinterland, a truly authentic adventure. Walk from Ngorongoro to Lake Natron with donkeys and Masai guides, showing you real Masai villages that were not set up for tourists. If you are a licensed para-glider or hang-glider we can show you the best starting points in the region. If you want to take it slow, why not enjoy a balloon ride over Tarangire or Serengeti? Here you get more information about adventures in East Africa.

Mountains of East Africa

Most peaks in Tanzania and Kenya are doable by anybody being reasonably fit and in good health. A regular workout in the months before the climb makes your mountain adventure even more enjoyable. If you want to climb high remember: time equals success. With Kilimanjaro plan for a 7,8 or 9 day climb, not less.

Mountain Biking

Our biking programs cater for different skill levels and can be tailored to your individual requirements. You may bike around Kilimanjaro or for a couple of days into the rift valley. Whichever you choose: encounters with authentic African life far away from the tourist crowds are guaranteed!

Bush walking

If you want to engrave the East African bush into your memory than there is no better way but to walk into it. With a knowledgeable, friendly guide, safari tents, a crew that loves to make you feel at home in the bush, tasty food and a drink by the camp fire, this could be your experience making you falling in love with Africa. Our bush walks can go from point to point (staying in a camp or lodge) or exploring an area with multiple walks from one ‘base camp’.


Imagine a group of elephants in the morning light, a meandering river turned into modern art by the view from above and the endless African horizon. What most people however remember vividly from their first balloon flight is the stillness, only here and there disrupted by the flame creating hot air to keep you aloft. We offer flights in Tanzania and Kenya.

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