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Thanks to the formation of the Rift Valley with its thin crust, Tanzania is blessed with a couple of stunning volcanoes than can be climbed. The vast majority of our guests want to tackle Mt Kilimanjaro, while some opt for Mt Meru as a less busy (and not less attractive) alternative. Those who want to scale Oldonyo Lengai, the holy mountain of the Maasai, need to be quite strong and completely free of vertigo. The last eruption of this active volcano has carved its flanks even steeper than before.

High altitude

If you want to experience what it means to get higher than in Colorado or the Alps, take your time. The more days you spend on your way into high altitude, the better is your chance to acclimatize properly. Kilimanjaro should be climbed in no less than 7 days to give yourself the best chance to fulfill your dream of standing on the top of Africa. We have years of experience in organizing ethical, safe and professional expeditions on Kilimanjaro and other East African mountains. We can also help with bringing you in contact with a Western tour leader to make your experience on Tanzanian mountains more worthwhile. A tour leader is always accompanied by top-trained local guides but he can help bridging cultural or language gaps and is a fun and knowledgeable host at meals. Contact us to learn how we can help you making your dream come true.

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