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Palm lined white beaches and turquoise ocean you can find in many places of the world. On the islands that lay just off the coast of mainland Tanzania these ingredients for a dream beach holiday are spiced with a vibrant swahili culture. The sultans of Oman once ruled the islands and coast lines and left palaces, mosques and ancient traditions. Three islands that could not be more different, make the perfect ending to a safari or mountain adventure: Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba. Zanzibar is the most famous for many reasons and the numbers of visitors show it. For those seeking more tranquility and authenticity Mafia and Pemba are the first choice. The latter is famous for its clove plantations and the diving grounds of its coast. Mafia offers tiny islands where you can see turtles hatch, a marine sanctuary with virgin dive sites and – with a bit of luck – snorkeling with whale sharks. Contact us for ideas how you can leave the world behind.

The ‘Spice Island’ offers the widest variety of accommodations and impressive remainders of the Omani sultans in Stone Town. Here you find the perfect honeymoon hotel and activities that speak to romantic souls. Imagine a picnic on sandbank in midst the turquoise ocean or a sun set cruise with a dhow, the traditional sailing boat, still used by Zanzibar Fishermen. The top end of the beach hotels satisfies those guests who really want to spoil themselves. Think of private plunge pools, butler service and refined cuisine. If you rather want to get away from it all we recommend Mafia and Pemba island because they attract far less visitors.

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