Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is located near the equator and has a pleasant climate with relatively little temperature variation. In Tanzania, there are two main seasons in terms of climate. The seasons are the opposite of what we have in the UK, as Tanzania is in the southern hemisphere. The first season is the dry season, which is winter, between June and October. After this dry period, summer runs from November to March, and is a rainy season (a small rainy season in November and December, then there is a large rainy season from April to May). In Tanzania, the highest temperatures occur in December, January, and February. But there are variations depending on the area of Tanzania you are in.

There is a difference between the coast and its equatorial climate, and the plateaus and the interior, which have a tropical climate. Below is a breakdown of the best time to go to Tanzania with an overview of its climate and weather variations in the key regions of Tanzania. Tanzania is huge, so luckily this means that at any time of the year there is some place extraordinary to visit. Ultimately, the best time to visit Tanzania depends entirely on you. Depending on the time of year you can enjoy spectacular safaris in the Serengeti or laze around Zanzibar’s pristine beaches. Because the country can be visited year-round, what you wish to see and do will ultimately determine when it’s best to go to Tanzania.

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