Tanzania Cost

We provide affordable Tanzania Safari Cost packages for all budget types. Starting from $200 per day for a basic budget safari, your package prices will vary with the type of services being provided to you along with your travel itinerary. So are you wondering - How Much Does a Serengeti Safari Cost? We are here to tell you! A Serengeti National Park tour could cost you anywhere from $200 to $625 per person per day for budget-friendly safaris. If you are opting for luxury Tanzania Safaris it will be costing about $1500 per day or more. For expensive luxury safaris, remember, the sky is the limit.

Duration (length of stay)

How long you are planning your Tanzania Safari Tours determines your safari cost in many ways. Those planning a budget safari can choose a shorter itinerary. This is not a bad idea as in just four days you can visit the three main national parks and enjoy memorable game drives. However, a longer itinerary is more fruitful as Tanzania has so much to offer and not less than a week or more is required to cover all the must-see magical destinations of this East African country.

Accommodation type

Whether you are choosing a luxury stay or a budget accommodation will determine the price of your safari in great detail. Ranging from camping to budget lodges to tented camps to luxurious properties, there are different accommodation types for all budgets in Tanzania.

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