Gombe Mountain National Park

Gombe covers just 52 sq. km and can be reached only by boat from Kigoma. Heavily forested, Gombe is unsuitable for predators and therefore safe for walking and chimp trekking. Various bird and monkey species make Gombe a rich and rewarding experience.

As for the land, the terrain itself is distinguished by steep valleys, and the forest vegetation ranges from grassland to woodland to tropical rainforest. It is this forest that was made famous for being home to about 100 well-documented chimpanzees and is one of the best places to track them. Treks to these famous habituated chimpanzees are high on the bucket list for anyone visiting Africa.

Best Time to Visit

The chimps tend to stick to the lower slopes of the escarpment during the drier months May to October, so this is the best time to track them. By contrast, in the Wet season November to April, you're more likely to slip, and the chimps require a lot more effort to find.


The main attraction in Gombe Stream National Park is the population of habituated chimpanzees. There are about 100 chimps in the small park. An appointed guide will take the pre-booked travellers on foot, along the forest trails to find them. Once found, they can observe for one hour, whether they're feeding, resting, or walking. Aside from the chimps, other primates are often encountered.


  • Guided chimpanzee tracking tours into the forest (strict code of conduct for viewing)
  • No roads available for game drives
  • Walking along the beach is allowed without a guide
  • Swimming and diving

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