Ngorongoro Crater

The largest unbroken caldera in the world, Ngorongoro Crater covers 304 sq. km and its steep walls rise up 610 meters from the floor. A huge variety of animals live here, while the soda lakes attract countless flamingo and many other bird species. Kori bustards display on the grasslands as the snake-killing Secretary Bird stalks by, huge-tusked elephant cross your path and black rhino can be found in the swamplands. Truly animal paradise!

The crater has been called the “garden of Eden” due to the crater’s beautiful landscape, majestic vistas, and animal paradise. This breathtaking caldera is a natural wonder of Africa. The caldera measures 600 meters deep and 20 kilometers across. The area is unflooded, unlike other broken volcanos throughout the world. This popular vacation destination was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. UNESCO sites are places that have “outstanding universal value” under UNESCO conventions for areas that have world cultural and natural heritage.

Best Time to Visit

Wildlife safaris are excellent in the crater throughout the year. The scenery of the crater is most spectacular in the Wet season, from November to May, but at that time the grass might belong in places. This can interfere with seeing some of the smaller animals. March and April are the wettest months.


Ngorongoro Crater offers some of the best wildlife viewings in Africa. The resident population of black rhinos is a real treat, as rhinos are very difficult to spot elsewhere in Tanzania safaris & Tours. The crater is also home to some very impressive elephant bulls with huge tusks. Lake Magadi often harbors large flocks of flamingos.


  • Game drive. Dense road network confined to the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater and Ndutu
  • Hiking with a guide. A good variety of trails. Treks of several days possible along the longer trails
  • Visit the Maasai cultural boma
  • Visit the Oldupai museum and archaeological site (historical of human ancestors)

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