Kitulo National Park

Kitulo (nicknamed “God’s Garden” or “Serengeti of flowers”) is the only national park recognized mainly for its abundance of flowering plant species. These include 45 types of orchid, many unique to Kitulo. Inhabiting the area are some of the world’s rarest butterflies and important bird species (including Denham’ bustard, blue swallow and mountain marsh widow).

The beautiful scenery of Kitulo National Park makes it a brooding and wintering attraction for various birds from Europe, West Africa, and South Africa and this just makes the park to be one of the favorite destinations for bird watching, while enjoying the beautiful sight of blooming flowers.

Best Time to Visit

Safari in Kitulo National Park is done throughout the year and the best time is from December to February and then June to October which is relatively drier than March to May and November.


Kitulo is known mainly for its exquisite floral kingdom. However, there is wildlife to spot in the park. Grazers, browsers, reptiles, amphibians, primates, and birds can all be spotted in the park. Smaller creatures include lizards, chameleons, and butterflies. Antelope such as eland, zebra, and reedbuck inhabit the national park and are regularly spotted while exploring on foot.


  • Guided hiking on the plateau and in other environments
  • Observation of natural phenomena on foot, depending on the visitor's interests
  • The road network is sparse so that practically no game drives are possible

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