Mikumi National Park

Mountain ranges border this Park on two sides where the Mikumi floodplain and open grasslands dominate. Lion and African Hunting Dog can be spotted and there are numerous grazing/browsing animals – including the magnificent Sable antelope. Of the approximately 400 bird species recorded in Mikumi, many are Eurasian migrants.

Mikumi National Park supports some impressive volumes of wildlife and settings, particularly on the Mkata floodplain which is often compared to the famous Serengeti plains. The Mkata is a popular centerpiece and often hosts large herds of giraffe, elephant, buffalo, zebra, eland, and other antelope. Predators' sightings are less frequent than in some parks, but lions are often seen lazing below shady acacias and spotted hyenas are vociferous by night.

Best Time to Visit

The Dry season (June to October) is the peak period for watching wildlife. The bush thins out and animals are easier to spot. They also tend to gather around predictable water sources such as the Mkata River, the hippo pool, and other waterholes. Plus, the absence of precipitation is balanced by an abundance of sunshine. Visitors can still see wildlife in the wetter periods, but the humidity and the mosquitoes might drive one crazy.


Mikumi is one of the most reliable places in Tanzania for sightings of the eland, the world's largest antelope. The Mkata floodplain supports large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, and impala. Giraffes and elephants are also common sites in the grasslands. Predators, such as lions and spotted hyenas, are present but sightings are less common than in some of the more popular parks. Troops of yellow baboons and vervet monkeys can be found throughout the park.


  • Game driving.
  • Game walk accompanied by a guide

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